Traffic law

“Justice is an ideal, and law is a tool.”

What is traffic law?

Where there is traffic, there are traffic rules – set out in traffic law. This is the only way the safety of all road users can be protected. Have you committed a traffic offence, been involved in a traffic accident, are you claiming compensation or have you been summoned by the police court? WRight Lawyers to the rescue.

Because a traffic incident can happen suddenly. A speeding violation, causing a dangerous traffic situation, violating driving and rest times… we assist clients in these cases every day. We also offer professional and skilled legal assistance in cases of joyriding and alcohol and drug abuse in traffic.

Traffic law à la WRight Lawyers

Whatever the traffic offence or claim, we will get to the bottom of your case and present a solid defence. After all, your reputation (and life) are at stake here, and you deserve a fair trial and a quality defence. With our experience in traffic law, we don’t stop before reaching the best solution.

We can also represent you if you have suffered damage after an accident, if, for example, you are the victim of a collision and want to claim compensation.

What does a traffic law lawyer cost?

Communicating efficiently. We are good at it, in addition to litigating (when necessary). That’s indeed important, if we are going to defend you. Expect clear price agreements on an hourly basis and detailed invoices without surprises.

Involved in a traffic accident? Count us in for tailor-made traffic law advice. Your car insurance usually covers legal expenses. If so, your insurer will pay for the qualitative assistance you receive from our lawyer.

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