WRight Lawyers on a mission

Lawyers in criminal law, traffic law, sports law

Punctual, formal, all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Worldly and pragmatic. Sporty in mind & body. Because the legal profession is also a top-class sport. This makes us a unique and solid duo that wants to (and can) make the difference for you as a client. This is due to our education, experience, multicultural background and our network of expert partners who specialise in other fields of law. Our multidisciplinary approach and cross-fertilisation lead to results. And because justice knows no borders, we are active in Belgium and beyond.

Meet the team

Wahib El Hayouni

Ruben Vispoel

Cooperation in the same law firm and a shared vision convinced us to sail our own course with WRight Lawyers… always with your interests at heart. We have built up special expertise in criminal law, traffic law and sports law. For other fields, we will assign the right person to you.

A non-exhaustive overview of our specialisations:

  • General & special criminal law
  • Drug-related offences
  • Sports (sanctions) law
  • Disciplinary law
  • Traffic cases
  • Social criminal law
  • Customs criminal law
  • Financial & economic criminal law

Our approach

First consultation / introduction

Assistance during (first) interrogation

Your (electronic) file always up to date

Live or virtual communication via Zoom or Teams

Or we visit you at your company

What’s in it for you?

  • Complementary lawyers with extensive experience
  • Solid technical expertise (multidisciplinary if necessary)
  • Quality and flexible service
  • Always the best lawyer in the right place
  • Defence in Dutch, French, English or Arabic
  • This for all courts and tribunals, not limited to Flanders or Belgium

Criminal law | Traffic law | Sports law