Sports law

“High goals. And we refuse to lose.”

What is sports law?

The legal side of sports is translated into sports law. A dynamic world that covers many loads, with economic, social and cultural overlaps. We can offer all-round assistance to athletes, sports clubs or sports federations at any stage. Whether it is a contract negotiation or disciplinary assistance: WRight Lawyers has got you covered.

Sport facts

  • Contracts, transfers, sponsorship agreements
  • Portrait rights
  • Doping use
  • Liability of supporters
  • Legal form of sports associations
  • Disputes concerning the competition
  • Tax obligations of a sports club or competition organiser
  • Transgressive behaviour in sport

Sports law à la WRight Lawyers

Sporty. Literally and figuratively. Typical of our lawyers in sports law. As a winning team, we go straight for our goal, agile and fast. We are all-rounders, but not generalists in the legal field. We are surrounded by experts who help make your file watertight.

Athletes, sports clubs, sports agents, victims and accused in all sports find their way to our office for customised sports law according to Belgian and international law. We turn over every stone to make sure you get what you are entitled to. This according to clear price agreements on an hourly basis and detailed invoices without surprises.

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