Criminal law

“You have the right to be defended.”

What are criminal cases?

WRight Lawyers has built up special expertise in criminal cases. The facts can be very diverse. In any area of law, criminal law is here to stay and may cross your path sooner than you might think. From traffic offences and fraud to vice offences, swindle, drug offences, violent crime and less traditional topics that require specialised criminal law.

A non-exhaustive overview of our specialisations:

  • Financial & economic criminal law
  • Social criminal law
  • Property crimes
  • Drug-related offences
  • Violence & Vice
  • Cybercrime
  • Enforcement of sentences
  • Cassation proceedings in criminal matters
  • Proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights

Criminal law à la WRight Lawyers

Put your trust in a WRight criminal lawyer, sooner rather than later. We offer you maximum assistance, protection and defence as a private individual, entrepreneur or government if you are a victim or suspect of a crime. During the criminal proceedings, but also during the enforcement of the sentence.

Dedicated, combative and humane, we get our teeth into your case. With an open mind and a multidisciplinary approach. If necessary, we supplement our legal knowledge with expertise from partners in psychology, psychiatry, neurology, sociology, medicine, toxicology, accountancy and more.

What does a criminal lawyer cost?

Your defence is our focus. But everything starts with good agreements. During a first consultation, we communicate about our rates. As a rule, we work on an hourly basis, as we deliver customised work. Some cases may allow for a different arrangement. Our invoices are clear and detailed. What you see is what you (did) get. One thing less to worry about.

Also check whether you have legal aid insurance. If you are entitled to legal aid through your family insurance or a specific policy, your insurance company will intervene in the lawyer’s fees.

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